Cold is a fantastical, immersive theatrical journey through a frozen forest.

Cold is a fantastical, immersive theatrical journey through a frozen forest.

Show description

A pregnant couple attend a routine ante-natal hospital appointment. When they step out of the waiting room, they find themselves lost in a snowbound wood. No longer able to speak in words, forced to shelter in a remote cabin and hunted by a wild beast, Ulf and Falda face loss, grief and a winter amongst the dark trees. Will they ever find their way back home? A fairy-tale for grown-ups.

Credits & Production History

30 minute sharing -  Fertility Fest, The Barbican Pit - Monday 29th April 2019.
Cast: Robin Berry and Pip Hambly
Directed by Claire Coaché
Written by Lisle Turner
Designed by Tina Bicât
Lighting Design by Phil Supple
Produced by Turtle Key Arts

“Go and see COLD when it comes out. It's an extraordinary and powerful and important piece of work that moved me more than I'd have imagined.”
Julia Bueno, Psychotherapist & Author of ‘The Brink of Being’

“To take pain and make something beautiful from it is extraordinary enough, but ‘COLD’ goes even further than that. It is theatrically ingenious, bold and arresting, and unflinchingly addresses what might be the most defining and universal of all human experiences - loss.”
Gareth McLean, Journalist (Guardian, Radio Times)

Funded by ACE with financial support from The Elmley Foundation. Developed with support from Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

Cold is in development. Further R&D 2019. Premiere 2020.

R&D Hereford 2015 and Bristol 2016
Cast Yngvild Aspeli & Robin Berry
Puppet by Yngvild Aspeli
Music by Jonny Pilcher
Costumes by Juliet Blamey
Video by David Lejard-Ruffet