MicroPlays is an Arts Council England funded project to make digital theatre.

MicroPlays is an Arts Council England funded project to make digital theatre.

Show description

Five groundbreaking playwrights: Kate Attwell, Matilda Ibini, Iman Qureshi, Tena Štivičić and Emily White were asked to address the theme of “cultural polarization”. Each play is under five minutes and was shared for the first time at an in person rehearsed reading at Courtyard Hereford on 18 June 2019.

'Microplays' will be directed by Open Sky's co-founder Lisle Turner bringing his film-making skills to our theatre-making for the first time.

Audience Feedback

“It’s a really good idea and needs to happen” Student, 17

“I think it opens up the often overly expensive artform to a wider audience” Student, 22

“Great idea to capture interest of younger generation” College Lecturer and Course Leader, 39

“Excellent in a rural area with poor public transport. Good for people, especially young people who can’t afford ticket prices.” Project manager, 50

“I welcome the idea of access to the theatre and I think it would be successful with all ages. Content of plays covered big issues in life today.” Retired, 70

Credits & Production History

Rehearsed reading, Courtyard Hereford, June 2019


Nataliya Cummings
Tyler Luke Cunningham
Humaira Iqbal
Matthew Lawrence
Rees Matthews
Erika Poole
Martha Rees
Storme Toolis

Produced by Martina Klich for Open Sky
Directed by Lisle Turner for Open Sky

Written by:

"Stile" by Kate Attwell
"Head Over Wheels" by Matilda Ibini
"The Ceremony" by Iman Qureshi
"The Importance of Being Honest" by Tena Štivičić
"Homework" by Emily White

Funded by Arts Council England

Microplays is made in association with Wrapt Films

Supported by Turtle Key Arts, Rural Media, Courtyard Hereford

MicroPlays will be performed and filmed on location in Herefordshire in Spring 2020.

They will go on a “digital tour” of Herefordshire and the UK through a digital advertising and social media campaign coordinated by an industry-leading digital strategist in Spring/Summer 2020.